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Treasure Festival in Ariake 7


ponnie ~Donyatsu Huntress~
So I got myself one.

One of the worst kits I have when it comes to how this poor sculpt was divided into parts. So much unnecessary work because the sculptor didn't think about it (most likely).

The skirt: two ginormous gaps to fill, tons of masking required because they cast two skirts as one.

The frills: come in 4 parts, none fit snugly together, will have to glue them together somehow.

The hair: mini puzzle that is all due to very poor part fit. I'd hate to have to pin that.

The gloves: why the heck were these divided?? Unnecessary putty and sanding again.

Head part and body part fit poorly.

Nothing holds together and everything is kinda loose and requires pins.

Seriously I expected more from a 3D-engineered kit. This is a joke.

Hope I'll have enough patience to assemble this kit one day.

P.S. The circle did get better because Madoka and Homura kit has none of these troubles.
Il y a 2 ans
I can't seem to find a prepainted on for sale anywhere. Any ideas?
Il y a 3 ans
Got an original one, and she is absolutely gorgeous! She came in many parts ( pre painted kit) and it was a nerve wrecking experience putting her together. My favorite figure, it never stops to amaze whenever you look at it!
Il y a 5 ans
awwwwww i wish she was PVC, i like the pose then the goodsmile one
Il y a 7 ans
wow ... If I could, I would buy her!
Il y a 7 ans
Nvm -o-
Il y a 7 ans
i love her face in this one, as well as the dynamic dress flow *-*
Il y a 7 ans
WindsorSevenIl y a 7 ans#1131801Kinda misleading...I was excited for a second..
Il y a 7 ans
WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
maraiatoriIl y a 8 ans#1111366ITEM #98665
your wish has come true

Kinda misleading...I was excited for a second..
Il y a 7 ans
The only figure of ultimate madoka so far to picture her without a bow.
Il y a 8 ans
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