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Persona 4 - Persona 4: The Animation - Persona 4: The Golden - Hanamura Yousuke - Jiraiya - Chess Piece Collection R Persona 4 (MegaHouse)

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I got these guys today ^__^ There are a few little painting discrepancies, but overall, they're really cool little figures. I wish Kanji and Rise had made it, I'm hoping they might later release a second set featuring Kanji, Rise, Adachi and Dojima with Nanako, although it wouldn't make for an entire chess set. If they were advertised as Arena, Akihko, Mitsuru, Aigis and Labrys could have been added, for two complete sets, but these are labeled as being from the Animation, so that likely wouldn't happen. Regardless, I'm still pretty pleased with them.

Will take and post pics later.
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