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Dragon Quest VIII - Shujinkou - Play Arts (Kotobukiya Square Enix)Dragon Quest VIII - Shujinkou - Play Arts (Kotobukiya Square Enix)

Dragon Quest VIII - Shujinkou - Play Arts (Kotobukiya Square Enix)
Échelle & Dimensions
H=160mm (6.24in)
Date de sortie
10/2005 En tant que Standard
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Commentaires5 commentaires

Are there bootlegs of this one? I bought this as a child, and I don't have anything but the figure (no base, no box,...), and it looks quite good to me, but the sword hilt is definitely different from the one in the user pictures, and the coat isn't such a bright yellow... hmmm...
Anyway, I'm cleaning out my old room and stumbled upon this, and as I've never even played dragon quest I really don't need it.
Seems a shame to throw it away though, so if anyone wants to pay for the shipping (I'm in Germany) I would love to send it so someone who appreciates it more. Just Pm me if you're interested, want pictures, etc. (It has only been displayed on my desk, even tough I bought it as a child^^)
Il y a 2 ans
If selling, please PM me!

Thank you!
Il y a 3 ans
Just purchased him for $10. Quite pleased with it.
Il y a 5 ans
Find these hard to pose, but I got the set nice and cheap, so I can't really complain ^_^
Il y a 6 ans
Zetsubo-san I LOVE HUMANS!!! (or do I? XD)
Kind of disappointing that only his right hand can hold the sword. It would've been better if both hands can because there are in-game shots showing him wielding that default sword (Bastard Sword, it seems) with both of his hands.
Il y a 9 ans
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