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Hatsune Miku -Project Diva- F - Hatsune Miku - PM Figure (SEGA)
Échelle & Dimensions
H=200mm (7.8in)
Date de sortie
07/26/2013 En tant que Prize
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Il y a 1 an
Selling used like new for $12, open to offers but not much lower.
Il y a 3 ans
I'm interested in this figure! If your selling her I want to know how much! Used is perfectly fine! Prefer to have her come with box but if not that's okay as long as price is lower
Il y a 3 ans
After a year and a bit, she's now the first figure from my collection that I sold.. I felt like I wasn't giving her the treatment and display she deserves, and giving her to newer collectors feels good ;)

I still totally love her but yeah, I hope she's in better hands now.
Il y a 4 ans
Up on Mandarake for 1500 yen - order.mandarake...
Il y a 4 ans
amiami a/b 1900yen Not easy to find a brand new one, I think.
Il y a 4 ans
Without a doubt -- in case anyone is on the fence -- this has to be the best value Miku figure out there. So cute and big.
Il y a 4 ans
Selling mine new and sealed for $25. Price negotiable. Shipping from USA and will ship internationally if possible. Shipping prices vary; please send me you zip code/postal code for an estimate. PM me for pictures or if you have questions.
SALE #77968
Il y a 5 ans
Wow she's super cute, and huge!!
Il y a 5 ans
Selling mine for $20.00 plus shipping--opened but in like-new condition. Can include box if interested. Please PM me for more details!
Il y a 5 ans