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Commentaires • One Piece - Tony Tony Chopper - Portrait Of Pirates Strong Edition - Excellent Model (MegaHouse)

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    In stock @ Ninoma (MFC Partner) (¥3,224)

    Product page : www.ninoma.com/...
    Official new item , shipped worldwide from Japan
    About 29 USD | 24 EUR | 36 CAD
    Selling him, perfect condition.
    Without box.
    Il y a 1 mois
    Selling mine and most of the SW POPs, PM for details thanks! chopper sold
    Il y a 2 ans
    Selling mine 15€ from France SALE #43278 :3

    --> I sell all my collection before leaving France in 1 month. Please be free to propose an offer if the price seems too big for you. However, please note that I align my prices on the Japanese ones.
    Il y a 3 ans
    TenseiTwister Figure it Out
    I'm selling mine! SALE #50248
    Il y a 3 ans
    KiraYamato44 凛遙✿(>ノ、<)x(ㅎ_ㅎ)✿Destined Pair✿
    I was able to get Chopper from AmiAmi's ore-owned section for a really good price. He was listed as B/B. The figure smells like new (yes, I smelled him), and he's on perfect condition. The box is the only thing I see that could be labeled as B since, it has the marks from the tape.

    Il y a 5 ans
    Kzuki Stalker
    Selling mine LIST #3728
    Il y a 6 ans
    I was going to order him on HS because they got a restock and they still have that shipping campaign BUT the figure was already sold out when I was planning to place an order -___-

    edit:// Arrived yesterday! (2010/08/10) He's so cute ^w^
    Il y a 7 ans
    chopper looks absolutely adorable here.

    and they are making chopper in a suit. Comes out in august 2010
    Il y a 8 ans
    Preorders opened on hachioji toys and hobbysearch! It's a pity that it is on the same day that Banpresto special set =/
    Il y a 8 ans
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