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Azuma Kiyohiko - Yotsuba&! - Koiwai Yotsuba - Art Book - Find Yotsuba: "Yotsuba&!" Calendar Photograph Collection (Ascii Media Works)

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Square format book which contains six years' worth of photo illustrations from the Yotsuba&! Monthly Calendars, up to 2012. Photographs by Kakuta Miho.

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I just got this book! It's so refreshing to explore the local/common places where Yotsuba adventures. The presentation of the book was beautifully done. I hope they continue to compile the newer calendars to more art books in the future.

I'm just a bit sad that there were some defects to 4 of my pages and a noticeable bend on the cover. OTL
Il y a 3 ans
This book interests me, especially since I missed out on all the past calendars. Hopefully I can find this at Kinokuniya at Little Tokyo.
Il y a 4 ans
Free Shipping World Wide. A place for collectors.


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