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Vampire - Lilith Aensland - 1/8 (Happinet)Vampire - Lilith Aensland - 1/8 (Happinet)

Vampire - Lilith Aensland - 1/8 (Happinet)
Échelle & Dimensions
Date de sortie
11/2006 En tant que Standard
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Il y a 15 heures
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Got her as an impulse buy (which I don't do much anymore). Was thinking of selling her when she got here but upon seeing her live I find her really cute and am gonna keep her after all :)

She's not flawless though. The paint on her hair is bulky on mine and her hands are badly sculpted and painted. They're bulky and very rough. Thankfully the placement of the hands make it so we don't see much of them from the front.

I love the choice of colors, especially the glossy candy apple red!

She looks great overall, a nice pose with a nice setup.
Il y a 2 ans
Selling her with box in excellent condition, 30€ + shipping (world-wide).

PM me for details
Il y a 2 ans
Il y a 4 ans
Size is GREAT because I got her for super cheap, the only thing I could find that I didn't like was her hand on the cross was really badly sculpted but I think everything else on her draws away from that so still a great deal!
Il y a 6 ans
Can't decide if I'd rather pick up this one or the blue green alternate color version. I can get either one really cheap. Hm...
Il y a 6 ans
There's a load of these on eBay right now.
Il y a 7 ans
I wish Lilith had more figures :(
I was thinking about getting this one a long time ago but it looked really ugly IRL. Sob.
Il y a 7 ans