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Tokimeki Memorial - Fujisaki Shiori - Tokimeki Figure - 1/8 (Konami)Tokimeki Memorial - Fujisaki Shiori - Tokimeki Figure - 1/8 (Konami)

Tokimeki Memorial - Fujisaki Shiori - Tokimeki Figure - 1/8 (Konami)
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1997 En tant que Standard
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This entry needs more research, I stumbled on this figure in Surugaya's archives www.suruga-ya.j... and I haven't found much extra worthwhile data. Given that it has a JAN code, this means it's a non-prize figure and as such should have a Catalog ID; the price is also missing. Neither ITEM #172216 (which covers Tokimemo goods released up to 1996 included) nor the 1998 and 1999 editions of the Konami All Products books cover this item, so I'll need to get my hands on the Tokimeki Memorial Super Collection 2 book (which covers year 1997) to get some new data.
But I'm leaving the entry in Draft Mode, so if you happen to find data before me, please do not hesitate adding it!

EDIT: After having discovered ITEM #218812 during further Surugaya researches, and with this figure having its Catalog ID referenced + this website giving a text list of old Tokimemo goods www.ne.jp/asahi... , I strongly suspect its catalog ID and price to be CP199 and 2500 yen respectively (just before CP200 Megumi Mikihara in the list, CP199 is listed as a Tokimeki Figure Shiori Fujisaki). I seriously need to buy and check the Super Collection 2 book to confirm this 100%.

EDIT 2 (February 2nd, 2015): I now own that figure and can confirm through the figure's box, that the Catalog ID is indeed CP199. Updated the entry, but still leaving it in Draft Mode until I can shoot a not-crappy photo of my copy for the main entry.

EDIT 3 (May 9th, 2015): Found an official picture of that figure in a Konami Magazine CD-Rom! Entry now complete and undrafted!
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