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BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger - Noel Vermillion (THE HITMAN)
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07/2009 En tant que Limited + Exclusive
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Wonder Festival 2009 Summer


DeathThey need too make more BB figures....i agree i would love some taokaka or some tsubaki figures
Il y a 9 ans
Death Otaku in training!
They need too make more BB figures....
Il y a 9 ans
tennis22drewMore BlazBlue please!

I absolutely second this.
Il y a 10 ans
Holy crap! That Tao looks amazing! I would definitely buy that. But still, it's kind of weird that despite the demand, they still haven't released any BB moichandise other than a single T-shirt (with directions on how to do Hakumen's stomp attack on it, LOL).

EDIT: The same lady's also made Rachel:

Well, Aksys is a North American distributor AFAIK, they're probably not used to releasing merchandise. Heck, Rosen Queen has just started doing it now too.
I'm actually surprised that no japanese company took Blazblue yet, seeing how famous it has gotten already. So many Eroge figures out in the market, but good fighting games get no love =/

Oh, and she just uploaded it! I guess Zetsubo-san will be happy XD She did Noel too, but Tao was way more amazing: sengster.devian...
Il y a 10 ans
I remember Aksys using their website a while back to gauge interest in BlazBlue merchandise; the two prototypes they showed as hypothetical examples were a Taokaka plushie and a Mighty Mugg (a kind of vinyl figure) of Noel. But yeah, BB needs more love...

Yeah, I saw that. Mighty Mugg Noel was my first contact with BB. I thought she was a man.
Both of them were really ugly, but I kinda wanted that (braidless) Taokaka plushie T_T~

*edit* Aksys should contact this lady and sell this: sengster.devian...
Il y a 10 ans
Zetsubo-san I LOVE HUMANS!!! (or do I? XD)
Gii plz! T_T
Il y a 10 ans
Only GKs for now, but since GG had quite some (trading) figures, I don't doubt Blazblue would have some too.

Even trading figures are fine for me ;-;
Il y a 10 ans
More BlazBlue please!
Il y a 10 ans
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