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Touken Ranbu - Online - Mikazuki Munechika - 1/8 (Orange Rouge)

Touken Ranbu - Online - Mikazuki Munechika - 1/8 (Orange Rouge)
Échelle & Dimensions
1/8  H=225mm (8.78in, 1:1=1.8m)
Date de sortie
10/17/2016 En tant que Standard
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it's like GSC finally caught on that girls have money too and want to buy their bishie figures. WOW such amaze.
Il y a 2 ans
iced_wine (Il y a 2 ans) #2669481not familiar with this game, went to the official japanese page, didn't see a girl, is it BG or BL?

Why does a game with only guys have to be BL? It's funny how no one asks if Kancolle is yuri. Touken Ranbu is pretty much Kancolle but with guys, and instead of ships I believe they're swords. The game right now ranks number two after Kancolle on DMM.com where they're hosted.
Il y a 2 ans
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Official new item , shipped worldwide from Japan
About 112 USD | 94 EUR | 139 CAD
Selling for $100 from California w/free shipping. Please check out my ad or PM me!
Il y a 18 jours
Selling for $100! Free shipping in the United States! He's in great condition and is as good as new. PM for pictures.
Il y a 19 jours
Selling! Ships from Canada, PM for details!
Il y a 1 mois
Received him today from a friend. The box is beautiful but what's inside it is even better.
Absolutely perfect, flawless sculpting and paintjob, so many details. He looks so noble, his expression is beautiful. I don't understand people who sell him, seriously.
Il y a 1 mois
Il y a 1 mois
Selling mine for €85 for EU folk! ^^ Has been in a detolf but still looks perfect! PM me if interested~
Il y a 2 mois
Seeing the prices he's up for now, I wish I hadn't preorder him... I paid a third more than what he goes for now.
Il y a 2 mois
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