Vocaloid - Blu-Ray - Hatsune Miku Expo in New York - Regular Edition (Kadokawa)Vocaloid - Blu-Ray - Hatsune Miku Expo in New York - Regular Edition (Kadokawa)¥ Acheter¥ Acheter

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Early Pre-order Campaign Bonus: newly illustrated A3 clear poster by Kei


01 Sharing the World by BIGHEAD feat Miku
02 Senbonzakura by WhiteFlame feat Miku
03 Kocchi Muite Baby by ryo(supercell) feat Miku
04 Koiiro Byoutou by OSTER project feat Miku
05 Colorful x Melody by Team MOER feat Miku & Rin
06 Fire◎Flower by halyosy feat Len
07 The Butterfly on My Right Shoulder by Noripy feat Len
08 Melancholic by Junky feat Rin
09 Kokoro by TravoltaP feat Rin
10 Glass Wall by GuitarHeroPianoZero feat Miku
11 Torinoko City by 40mP feat Miku
12 Musunde Hiraite Rasetsu to Mukuro by Hachi feat Miku
13 Romeo and Cinderella by doriko feat Miku
14 Piano x Forte x Scandal by OSTER project feat MEIKO
15 Pane dhiria by Shinjou-P feat KAITO
16 Parades by whoo feat Miku
17 Poppippo by LamazeP feat Miku
18 The Snow White Princess is... by Noboru feat Miku
19 Just Be Friends by Dixie Flatline feat Luka
20 Luka Luka ★ Night Fever by samfree feat Luka
21 Himitsu Keisatsu by Buriru feat Miku
22 Yellow by livetune feat Miku
23 World Is Mine by ryo(supercell) feat Miku
24 Melt by ryo(supercell) feat Miku
Encore 1. Tell Your World livetune feat Miku
Encore 2. Mikumiku ni shiteageru [shiteyanyo] ika feat Miku
Encore 3. Starduster Jimmy Thumb P feat Miku


A trailer showcasing some of the DVD/BluRay footage was released today youtu.be/a9bdSa...
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Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!



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