Wagaya no Liliana-san - Liliana - Character's Selection - 1/6 (Native, Rocket Boy)Wagaya no Liliana-san - Liliana - Character's Selection - 1/6 (Native, Rocket Boy)¥ Acheter¥ Acheter

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Échelle & Dimensions
1/6  H=270mm (10.53in, 1:1=1.62m)
Date de sortie
02/05/2018 En tant que Limited + Exclusive
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Made to order

Orders via Native can be placed between the 21st July 2017 from 15.00JST to the 21st September 2017 at 19:00JST.
Orders via Native will come with a bonus postcard.


Just a heads up. I was on Neokyo.com and snapped her up for 187 USD.
Il y a 20 heures
Collector123Il y a 1 jour#81603475Best chance is a variant.

Native as a whole would clean up with that idea. Genius!
Il y a 21 heures
EdeniteIl y a 2 jours#81559031Any chance of a re release?

Best chance is a variant.
Il y a 1 jour
EdeniteIl y a 2 jours#81559031Any chance of a re release?
There is a chance but, it probably involves some type of infant sacrifice. If "Native" is good at noting else it's making sure that you buy quality figures at limited quantities. As for re-releases, I've only seen figures reappear on the site when they weren't sold at a convention but they were recent releases and this figure is definitely past that point.
Il y a 2 jours
EdeniteIl y a 2 jours#81559031Any chance of a re release?

to my knowledge rocket boy or any of the manufacturers on Native's end haven't re-released anything (could be wrong im not 100% sure) my theory is Native wants the label they currently have, in the sense that their figures have a high chance of have insane aftermarket prices, to my knowledge their figures are made to order.

I think this pressures people to make sure they get their stuff on pre order since that will be the ONLY chance they ever have to get it at a reasonable price. if they start re-releasing stuff then that pressure to pull the trigger on pre orders will lower. For example i KNOW that Orchid Seed re-releases like its nothing, so their "limited/exclusive" figures have no meaning to me since if history means anything they will just re-release at some point so if i can only pre order 1 figure and im debating on Orchid Seed vs anything in Natives site im going to pick Native every single time since i can just wait on Orchid to re-release, I think Native knows this which is why i dont expect them to re-release anything, thats just my take on it though.
Il y a 2 jours
Any chance of a re release?
Il y a 2 jours
In stock @ JFigure.com (¥49,300)
Opened but the figure is in very good condition. No notable damages. Parts complete unless mentioned. Box is also in good condition.
I'M Looking too used used fine.
Il y a 13 jours
Looking for a sealed one
Il y a 14 jours
Desperately looking for
Il y a 21 jours