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Boku Girl - Loki Asgard - Suzushiro Mizuki - 1/6 (Native)Boku Girl - Loki Asgard - Suzushiro Mizuki - 1/6 (Native)

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Boku Girl - Loki Asgard - Suzushiro Mizuki - 1/6 (Native)
Échelle & Dimensions
1/6  H=140mm (5.46in, 1:1=0.84m)
Date de sortie
04/28/2017 En tant que Limited + Exclusive
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Made to order.

Pre-orders via Native can be placed between the 26th August 2016 from 15:00JST to the 24th October 2016 19:00JST.


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chachachow je suis gomen
Makaeater (Il y a 1 an) #21157448to those who call this figure a "him". why do you?.. I assume you read the story, and know it was a male who was transformed into a female. which would mean it is female?
if this character was a real person and was a guy who did everything required to turn into a girl, I am pretty sure they would want to be referred to as a girl.... and calling them a guy would be very, very insulting..... to the point of "hate".
do you call a butterfly a catapiller? or an adult a baby?
what one was before, isn't their label. it is what they are that is.

Part of it was trying to avoid spoilers for people when the figure was first announced, I think. Secondly, Mizuki never really wanted to live as a girl, but decided to adopt the lifestyle and mannerisms and identity for the person they love. I've read the manga to finish and I'm not sure if Mizuki ever really embraced the idea of being a girl just to be a girl, but rather did so to be more 'gender-acceptable' to the person they choose to be with. Female pronouns would probably be more appropriate because Mizuki has chosen to adopt mostly modern ideals of womanhood, but I don't really think calling Mizuki a boy or 'he' or other male pronouns is insulting given the reasoning.

Il y a 1 an
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In stock @ JFigure.com (¥19,900)
A: Opened. No notable damages and no missing parts
A: Mimimum damages (light scratches, dents on the corner, etc.)
Redliger I paint GKs
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I’m selling her if anyone is interested she is sealed. Pm for more details
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Teddy Smile of victory
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Selling mine, along with everything else in my collection.
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Anyone selling? Looking to buy. Let me know
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hopeestheim FGO owns my ass
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