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Commentaires • Show By Rock!! - Cyan - 1/7 - Mizugi Style (Ques Q)

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    Il y a 1 an
    agghh i really wish this would have turned out much prettier than it did, she could have been really cute if her eyes weren't so far apart i think
    Il y a 1 an
    The more I look at her the uglier I feel her face looks..
    I don't know why I po'd/// gotta start controlling my impulses.
    and still
    Giving away my NY Order <3 please PM me if interested.
    Il y a 1 an
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    Personally I like her face and hair, but I don't like the swimsuit. I think maybe the offputting vibe people feel about the face is that it teeters on the border of "I'm so happy" and "I'M GOING TO MURDER YOU ❤ ❤ ❤"

    I've always thought this style of swimsuit looks pretty boring, and having it all in white doesn't help. I love the energy of this pose, but I am a little worried about leaning in the future since not only is she supported by only one leg but it also seems like the weight is not centered above that leg so over time will the leg start bending?
    Il y a 1 an
    i dont see what people dont like her face :/
    but i am kinda worried that she is only standing on 1 leg without any other kind of support...
    Il y a 1 an
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