Vocaloid - DVD - Magical Mirai 2016 - Regular Edition (Victor Entertainment)Vocaloid - DVD - Magical Mirai 2016 - Regular Edition (Victor Entertainment)¥ Acheter¥ Acheter

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01 39みゅーじっく!/ Sankyu Music! by MikitoP feat Miku <Magical Mirai 2016 theme song>
02 ゴーストルール/ Ghost Rule by Deco*27 feat Miku
03 ヒビカセ/ Hibikase by Gigareol feat Miku
04 Strangers by Heavenz feat Miku
05 すろぉもぉしょん/ Slow Motion by PinocchioP
06 独りんぼエンヴィー/ Hitorinbo Envy by koyori feat Miku
07 タイムマシン/ Time Machine by 40mP x 164 feat Miku
08 Hello Worker by KEI feat Luka
09 どりーみんチュチュ/ Dreamin Chu Chu by Emon feat Luka
10 愛Dee/ AiDee by MitchieM feat Miku & Luka
11 ドクター=ファンクビート/ Doctor= Funk Beat by nyanyannya feat KAITO
12 Nostalogic(Meiko-San Mix) by yuukiss feat MEIKO
13 どうぶつ占い/ Doubutsu Uranai by Scop feat Miku
14 Calc. by JimmyThumbP feat Miku
15 ウミユリ海底譚/ Umiyuri Kaiteitan by n-buna feat Miku
16 テレカクシ思春期/ Terekakushi Shishunki by HoneyWorks feat Len
17 スイートマジック/ Sweet Magic by Junky feat Rin
18 リモコン/ Rimocon by JesusP feat Rin & Len
19 Baby Maniacs by HachioujiP feat Miku
20 ラズベリー*モンスター/ Raspberry Monster by Honeyworks feat Miku
21 39/ Sankyuu by Deco*27 x sasakure.UK feat Miku
22 shake it by emon feat Miku, Rin & Len
23 ray by Bump of Chicken feat Miku
24 Satisfaction by kz feat Miku
25 なりすましゲンガー/ Narisumashi Genga by KulfiQ feat Miku & Rin
26Hand in Hand by kz feat Miku


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