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Kayano Ai - Tamura Yukari - Sawashiro Miyuki - Suzuki Konomi - No Game No Life - Eiga No Game No Life Zero - Compilation - No Game No Life Complete Songs No Song No Life (Media Factory)

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Collection of OP's, ED's and Character Songs from the TV series and the theme song from the movie.


01 Overture
02 オラシオン/ Oración (No Game No Life ED)
03 Yes,my master my load (Jibril's Character song)
04 おねがい☆すにゃいぱー/ Onegai☆ Snyaiper (Izuna's Character Song)
05 Bias Hacker
06 Light of Hope (Stephanie Dola Character song)
07 =ONESELF (Shiro Character song)
08 オラシオン/ Oración (Suzuki Konomi arrange ver)
09 This game (No Game No Life OP)
10 THERE IS A REASON (No Game no Life Zero main theme)

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