Naruto Shippuuden - Gaara - HQS - 1/8 - Shukaku's Hand (Tsume)Naruto Shippuuden - Gaara - HQS - 1/8 - Shukaku's Hand (Tsume)¥ Acheter¥ Acheter

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Naruto Shippuuden - Gaara - HQS - 1/8 - Shukaku's Hand (Tsume)
Échelle & Dimensions
1/8  W=290mm (11.31in)  L=320mm (12.48in)  H=300mm (11.7in, 1:1=2.4m)
Date de sortie
07/28/2011 En tant que Limited
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Comes with limited serial metal plate. Limited to 400 pieces.


HEEDLESS Sebastian~♡

You know, when I was hunting for this Gaara... (bought him anyway) I was praying and posting that I wish Tsume release more or make a NEW GAARA

I now have this Gaara and the new Gaara..... **HAPPY DANCES**** :XD


I think more people are selling this Gaara now!

I am not selling mine.... ^_^
Il y a 2 ans
Now that the new Gaara has been up for pre order, I predict more people selling their old Gaara. No more paying stupid prices like over 2k for the old one but hey, if that's what you want to do, go for it. Here's the new link for the Gaara if anyone is interested, its 599 euros.

Il y a 2 ans
Heey Guys, Selling mine from the Netherlands. Message me here or on the website marktplaats.nl. For pictures/advertisement see this link: www.marktplaats...
Il y a 2 ans
Selling mine from France
Il y a 2 ans
Selling mine from France CLASSIFIED #137121
I'm a 5/5 seller, 110 feedbacks :D
Il y a 2 ans
If somebody is interested, I have one in my collection and I am thinking about selling it. It is nr 170 and signed by Tsume's founder Cyril Marchiol and the painter of the figure.
Il y a 2 ans
Guys, I'm curious... Did they make a bootleg of this at some point? I recently found one at a store and reserved it. They didnt have the box nor the metal number plate the moment I went there.
I'll already be paying a hefty sum for it and so far it looks...okay? But something still feels off.
I'm just making sure because I heard that they made bootlegs of some of Tsume's figures not their HQS.
I suppose I won't know until I see the box-- which the store owner agreed to take a picture of for me.
Il y a 2 ans
I got the saskue susano and I accidently snapped saskue's thumb. I had no idea you had to rest the sword onto his thumb I thought he had to grip the sword oh well thumb is glued back and is 100% unnoticeable and I have Dream kisame which I give a 10/10 I'm so happy with both of them & saskue susano looks good next to my HQS Itachi, anyways I canceled my order of the minato death reaper seal. Missed out on Madara smh but Tsume did announce they will be making one so I'm relived. I'm waiting on shipping invoice on Garra shukaku from Studio B,“Village Hidden in Rain” Akatsuki Pain Resin Statue from Gargouille,DTALL Akatsuki Pain Resin Statue by Model Palace,the new Kakashi perfect susano by Gargouille, STR Jiraiya and Gamabunta all fully paid and Xceed Kyubi Naruto fully paid as well. kyubi Naruto from Xceed is soo big they have to split shipping package in half LMAO check out the proto type here
PICTURE #1768754

flipmodeIl y a 3 ans#18009330For the unofficial Sasuke and minato I can't say anything to good on them but super cool ideas I have the sasuke and parts are super loose fall off like crazy but the susanoo is dope sasukes as a figure is OK for unofficial as for minato I don't own it but only thing holding me back from buying is the figure of minato looks stupid. People say it's worth the money solely on the death reaper but not convinced
Il y a 3 ans
Hello, i'm looking for this figure, pm me please, thanks !
Il y a 3 ans
Selling mine I'm located in USA message me for info
Il y a 3 ans