Tiger & Bunny - Blu-Ray - Vol.1 - Limited Edition (Happinet, Sunrise)Tiger & Bunny - Blu-Ray - Vol.1 - Limited Edition (Happinet, Sunrise)¥ Acheter¥ Acheter

Tiger & Bunny - Blu-Ray - Vol.1 - Limited Edition (Happinet, Sunrise)
Date de sortie
05/27/2011 En tant que Limited
Numéro de catalogue
1 épisode, 2 disques, 00:25:00, Region-free
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+Drama CD, Booklet "Monthly Hero" (12p), and Slip Case illustrated by Masakazu Katsura


In stock @ Solaris Japan (¥11,824)

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jiejie on ice
Everyone who doesn't want to spend lots of money on the limited edition can now build their own out of the regular edition and ITEM #88487 !
Il y a 8 ans
Oh wow, the same, I ordered it at Play-Asia as well, paid, and then got a cancellation...
Waited for them to double-check that they weren't getting any more and then had to get a refund.

Yeah, that price is too thick for a 1-episode volume...

It's going for a minimum of 17,000 yen on Yahoo auctions too.
Il y a 9 ans
jiejie on ice
Same here... I ordered it at Play-Asia, and some weeks after I got a cancellation e-mail. I then talked to the owner of a local comic store, and he said this was still listed in his wholesaler's catalogue, and he'd try to order it for me. A week later I got a phonecall saying he wasn't able to get it. I'm not sure what to try next... sure, I could always spend 30000 yen on it at amazon marketplace, but.....NO.
Il y a 9 ans
Can't find this anywhere any more ;_____; ...
Il y a 9 ans
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