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Fate/Stay Night - Charm - Excalibur (Good Smile Company)
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11/2008 En tant que Standard
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105mm Brass charm with a 25mm×15mm insignia plate included


the irony of it all. I don't have it anymore as of 1st of februay 2019, they had to take it from me at the airport for being categorized as a "suspicious object" lol. The guy who was checking it out in the x-ray told me in short "I am sorry I know that they have a weird way of thinking" It wasn't said in a rude way at all to me tbh, but with respect to me, so I didn't force it out of them lol.
Il y a 1 an
got it for 100YEN from surugaya when I was at there store xD didn't think that's what its actual price would be. I only found the sword though, and the lock part looks different. Not 100% sure if it is the same one :|
Il y a 1 an
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