BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! - Minato Yukina - Vocal Collection - 1/7 - from Roselia (Bushiroad Creative)BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! - Minato Yukina - Vocal Collection - 1/7 - from Roselia (Bushiroad Creative)¥ Acheter¥ Acheter

BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! - Minato Yukina - Vocal Collection - 1/7 - from Roselia (Bushiroad Creative)
Échelle & Dimensions
1/7  H=220mm (8.58in, 1:1=1.54m)
Date de sortie
05/29/2019 En tant que Standard
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Elise_Grimwald Genius Puppeteer

Selling mine. Figure and box are in like new condition. I will also include the bonus if I find it. Free US shipping, PayPal only.

Price is $75, which is close to Mandarake's price for a figure in worse condition (theirs has box damage).
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Pretty disappointed with this one. No problem with the sculpt but the paintwork was really bad. Like there were patches missing paint and paint splotches.
Il y a 11 mois
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I actually do think she looks nice, I don't have much problems with the face and I do like the base and how they sculpt the details.... but the paintjob looks so...incomplete? It feels flat and I could barely see the gradient on her hair, her dress could've been better too. I've seen cheaper figures that did their paint much better :/ Also agreed that it's overpriced, even for an exclusive lol
Il y a 1 an
Elise_Grimwald Genius Puppeteer
I don't really see a problem with her face, really. I think that's just the way the girls in BanGdream are drawn when singing (unless smiling), translated to 3D. It's not the best ever, but it does look like the general style to me, and I'm not really sure what could be done differently. That does not mean I really *like* it, but that I'll tolerate it because it's honestly just the style. The prize I do admit is nice and has a good face, but I chose this over it because scales tend to retain their value at least, and I don't think this will ever get a re-release. I have a feeling Yukina also won't get another scale, so.. this is it, I think.

Quality wise, she kind of looks similar in quality to the IdolM@ster figures I have: ITEM #331534 and ITEM #550056. Being made by GSC, those are obviously better, but this is pretty comparable in terms of detail. It doesn't really look like a prize figure to me. A lower end scale, but still a scale. I feel it's a bit overpriced, but it's still good enough to be a cheaper (Koto or priced like my Ranko figure) scale.
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