Fairy Tail - Erza Scarlet - 1/6 - Bunny girl_Style, Type Rosso (Orca Toys)Fairy Tail - Erza Scarlet - 1/6 - Bunny girl_Style, Type Rosso (Orca Toys)¥ Acheter¥ Acheter

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Fairy Tail - Erza Scarlet - 1/6 - Bunny girl_Style, Type Rosso (Orca Toys)
Échelle & Dimensions
1/6  H=205mm (8in, 1:1=1.23m)
Date de sortie
12/04/2019 En tant que Standard
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Did anyone received it with a difference in the color like mine?
Il y a 5 mois
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Could some people please state which company they received their figurines from. I have all 3 on order but at different stores due to availability when I decided to purchase them. My Ami Ami Rosso one shipped out and I heard that Hobby search had shipped there orders out as the release date was 05 Dec for them Yet some site still say and claim she is not yet released and cannot ship orders yet Who is telling the truth her. I have one shipped so can it be that certain store get preferential treatment for which company receives stock?

= )

Il y a 7 mois
honestly, glad i cancelled her. i wouldnt have had enough money because cu chulainn also got delayed, and figures are expensiiiiive
Il y a 7 mois
Just got an email from AmiAmi saying delayed until December.
Il y a 7 mois