Original Character - Omame-chan - 1/6 - ga Pink (Daiki Kougyou)Original Character - Omame-chan - 1/6 - ga Pink (Daiki Kougyou)¥ Acheter¥ Acheter

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In stock @ Solaris Japan (¥23,603)

Brand New for ¥23,603
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great detailed figure there's a lot of problems with her spare parts and cast offs though alot of the cast off stuff doesn't fit properly to the figure itself... you have to really stretch the micro bikini to get it to fit which raises questions about possibly paint removal...The arms that are interchangeable are also tight af fit wise... had to really jam it in there... I don't understand if I just got a lemon or if it's qc etc...
Il y a 10 jours
Got her today. Looks so much better to me than the regular edition (which I didn't order).

Was surprised about the included postcard...
Il y a 5 mois
In stock @ iXu Deviance (173.40€)
Available on DoujinRepublic (Free Shipping from Japan).
Il y a 5 mois
Available for pre-order @ Anime NPC ($146.99)
Limited Offer: Product Page
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AmiAmi just e-mailed me that she’s delayed to February..
Il y a 7 mois
Mitch0712 Succubus Scholar
AmiAmi notified me that the figure was delayed to January :(
Il y a 8 mois
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
ginaBLIl y a 1 an#65144744I really like this figure but I wish she didn’t look so much like a 8 year old

Yeah or other outfit than that bikini would be ok too so it feels less sexualised.

I love the gal theme for sure
Il y a 10 mois
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