Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu - Rem - 1/8 - Nekomimi Ver. (Alpha x Omega)Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu - Rem - 1/8 - Nekomimi Ver. (Alpha x Omega)¥ Acheter¥ Acheter

Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu - Rem - 1/8 - Nekomimi Ver. (Alpha x Omega)
Échelle & Dimensions
1/8  H=240mm (9.36in, 1:1=1.92m)
Date de sortie
04/08/2021 En tant que Limited + Exclusive
Japonais36,394 vues • 212 commentaires162 favoris



Orders via Premium Bandai, Megatrea Shop and AmiAmi can be placed from the 17th January 2020 at 13:00JST until early March 2020.


no rem figure compares to this one, the only one i can say is better is the one by estream.
Il y a 1 heure
GSLinux Love coding, video & figures!
I love this figure. Simply flawless in sculpting, color and final quality.
Definitely top quality.
Il y a 2 heures
swIl y a 1 jour#95540706The best Rem figure ever

Laughs in GSC Rem
Il y a 7 heures
The best Rem figure ever
Il y a 1 jour
I made an unboxing and review of her! youtu.be/HIV-qk...
Il y a 1 jour
This figure is absolutely gorgeous. Its one of my grails right now! the ears and tail can be displayed separately! The foot pegs are metal as well so super well made. Packaging is spot on with clear box, and i almost dont want to take her out to display!
Il y a 1 jour
arisuchannnIl y a 1 jour#95502145saw her in stock on nippon yasan

Please dont order from Nippon Yasan. They havent been shipping any figures out. I had orders fully paid and they had it in stock for 2 months. Status on my order was "Preparing for shipping" Since i paid it off. I had to file paypal dispute on them and they didnt even bother replying on paypal so i got my money back. But for now they have been taking peoples money and not shipping. Some people were unable to get their money back as they had paid off items in advance.
Il y a 1 jour
Just got an "Preparation in progress" email from Nippon-Yasan! ;D
She is such a cute figure and I can't wait to get her. ^^
Il y a 1 jour
kryrieonIl y a 3 jours#95422137I just got an email from them saying it's shipped :)I envy you, they didn't update my order yet :T
Il y a 1 jour
saw her in stock on nippon yasan
Il y a 1 jour
Import from Japan


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