Commentaires Lucky☆Star - Izumi Konata - Nendoroid (#027c) - Chara-Ani ver. (Chara-Ani, Good Smile Company)

  • lilylace ☆☆☆
    3500 yen at Mandarake ekizo.mandarake...
    Il y a 9 ans
    she's really hard to find for a decent price... got mine as secondhand
    Il y a 9 ans
    Got her for 4,000 yen from Mandarake back in April - not really worth it with the badly-put together stand and all...
    Il y a 10 ans
    I have bought this for 6000 yen..
    litlebit expensive but i am happy ><
    Il y a 11 ans
    Yay just got one for 3650 yen less comission etc. on yahoo auctions :D
    Il y a 11 ans
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