Commentaires Qupita Qupitos ~ Gikyoku Torikago no Shoujo ~ - Sayame (Cafe Reo, Questioners)

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    Il y a 2 ans
    If there is someone who can sell her for 9k jpy, lemme know (prefer seller in EU or Japan)
    Il y a 3 ans
    To those who plan on buying her. Better check if the elastic bands inside melted.

    I had her stored for like two years. Like an idiot i didn't remove the elastic bands inside with the instruction paper and the chains. So guess what happened? Yes, the summer heat just melted them and they got stuck on the chains. It was a pain to remove.
    Il y a 3 ans
    More pictures: tensfaqtory.blo...
    Il y a 3 ans
    global.rakuten.... 11,800 yen on Rakuten
    Il y a 3 ans
    Anyone know how cost this figure now?
    Il y a 4 ans
    Il y a 4 ans
    LyncfsIl y a 4 ans#3910571Well this reply is a bit late but I put on her chains around the log, then I took off the cap to the light bulbin the detolf's top shelf, pulled the hooks through and slid them onto a pen so she can't move around.

    Sweet! I currently have her unopened, on top of my detolf lol. I'll have to try out your method. Thanks for the tip!
    Il y a 4 ans
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