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Selling or trading these figures, items and books! Part 1Selling or trading these figures, items and books! Part 1

MaakieIl y a 6 ansIl y a 1 mois
Please PM me or comment here if you are interested in one or some of these figures and we can work out a price~! I ship worldwide!

I also like to trade, you can also PM me with ideas for trades! :) I especially like Mecha Musume, so if you have Mecha Musume items I don't own yet: I am greatly interested! :D I also have a list on my profile with characters and series that I like!

Most of them are in their original factory plastic (never opened or displayed), but please ask me about the condition of your specific figure(s) of interest! :)

If you are interested in what I have already sold or traded, you can look here: LIST #14349

I also can make surprise Lucky Grab Bags with items from this list and more! Please ask me for the options! Keep in mind international shipping can be high, though. :( Examples of the bags: Voir le spoilerCacher le spoilerhttps://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-28Dqt3EVheM/VSapsRJKR4I/AAAAAAAAJHs/ppP4UkriKMk/s912/IMG_6409.JPG

Not in the database, but also selling:

- Crayon Shin-Chan figure, Masked Muchacho: Voir le spoilerCacher le spoiler

- Crayon Shin-Chan figure, Little Red Riding Hood: Voir le spoilerCacher le spoiler

- Crayon Shin-Chan figure, Daisy: Voir le spoilerCacher le spoiler

For part 2 of this list, see: LIST #96871

For the items I'm thinking about if I should sell them:

Part 1: LIST #45514

Part 2: LIST #57698

I also have multiple non-anime related items for sale (movie-figures, gaming figures etc.), you can look at them over here: awww.aniway.nl/... :)
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Currently on hold: ITEM #258682
Il y a 11 mois
CinnamonSwirls (Il y a 1 an) #37374357I PM’d you about some CCS Sakuras that are on this list! I’m interested!

Hi! I replied to your PM on the same day, did you get my reply? :) You don't have to answer right away of course, just checking if you got it. :)
Il y a 1 an
I PM’d you about some CCS Sakuras that are on this list! I’m interested!
Il y a 1 an
My first time buying a figure off someone, Maakie was very friendly, helpful and upfront about the condition of the product so it arrived as expected as well as quickly. Highly recommend! 10/10
Il y a 2 ans
agentmozell nerd extraordinaire
This was the first time I've traded with someone and, while I was nervous, Maakie was super sweet and patient! We did have a little hiccup with the post but it all worked out in the end. ♥ 10/10 Would come back! Thank you!
Il y a 2 ans
Was suuuuper patient and understandable with a third party problem and was super duper kind all way around, product and shipping were in perfect condition!
10/10 :D
Il y a 2 ans
orochimaruxsaber (Il y a 2 ans) #18125936hi! i'm interested in all your hamtaro trading figures or whatever's left :3 which ones are left and what condition are they in?
(also somewhat interested in these 2 items ITEM #203545 ITEM #297958 )
If you're interested in any of these figures I would willingly trade, let me know! ITEM #23611 ITEM #78843 ITEM #5266
if you're not interested in those figures, let me know how much you're considering selling the hamtaro trading figures for!
thank you!

I PM'ed you! :)
Il y a 2 ans
I like the way you packed the figures. Also extremely friendly; will let you know everything (e.g. unopened vs. opened) about the figure you'll be receiving.
Il y a 3 ans
Very helpful and kind seller! 10/10! Would recommend :)
Il y a 3 ans
momoiro_meloik (Il y a 3 ans) #9240776I'm interested on buying the bundle of Princess Mordina and Stella. I live in US. Thanks.

Maakie (Il y a 3 ans) #9269736Hello! I'm currently talking with another user about the purchase of these items. If for some reason this deal doesn't go through, I'll contact you. Thank you for your interest! :)

Just wanted to let you know I just sold them, so they're not available anymore, sorry!
Il y a 3 ans
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