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Not added to MFC:

-PAL Game
-NTSC-U Game w/ soundtrack
-French Poster Promo Kit
-Prelude Disc (Promo)
-Live Event DVD (Promo)
-"Solashido" Free Promotional Pamphlet Vol.1, Vol.2, Vol.3
-Solatorobo Animation Book
-Solatorobo 4-koma Book
-Solatorobo Bonus Comic "Super Nyatta" Book
-x2 Game Preorder Post Cards
-Kotobukiya Summer Campaign Bonus Post Card
-CC2 Planner Bonus Postcard, signed by WAKA
-Comiket 87 Bonus Post Card
-Side-BN Magazine 2010 October Issue #63
-Dragon Magazine 2010 September Issue (Red Data Children Part 1)
-Dragon Magazine 2010 November Issue (Red Data Children Part 2)
-Dragon Magazine 2011 January Issue (Red Data Children Part 3)

Tail Concerto
-PAL (French) Game
-NTSC-U Game
-Taiken Bandai Vol.1 Demo Disc
-US Demo Disc
-US Display Box

-Comiket 83 Set Carry Bag
-CyberConnect2 Tokyo Office Stamp Sheet x2

-CyberConnect2 2015 Planner Bonus Guilty Dragon Postcard, signed by Seiichirow Hosokawa
-Kotobukiya Summer Campaign Bonus Post Card Set (CC-Chuu, Fullbokko Heroes, The Kemono Book, .hack)
-Comiket 87 Bonus Post Card Set (CC-Chuu, Kemono Mascot)
-The Kemono Book Tote Bag
-The Kemono Book Hoodie Blanket
-The Kemono Book Pin Badge
-x3 The Kemono Book Posters
-LieN Iris Sign Board, signed by Fukuda Chikayo and Mitani Tomoyo
-Silent Bomber PAL Game
-Taiken Bandai Vol.2 Demo Disc (contains Silent Bomber)
-Asura's Wrath Xbox PAL Game
-.hack 15th Anniversary Goods Bonus Post Card

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