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Nendoroid Parts WishlistNendoroid Parts Wishlist

AluminaIl y a 2 ansIl y a 2 ans
These are parts I'm on the lookout for. If you want to split or sell these to me, please let me know! I might be willing to host these if there's enough interest as well

NOTE: This is cross posted to the Nendo Split Club, which might be more up to date club/576/discus...

Alumina's Wish List
★I am always looking any parts/stands of Rensouhou-chans from #371 Shimakaze ITEM #166270.
★I also am looking for a lot of (water or normal) bases+stands from most Kancolle Nendoroids [list here]
•#446 Mashiro Mitsumune - Sleeves ITEM #223849
•#424 Oshino Shinobu - HatITEM #195508
•#520 Yamato - 46 cm triple mount turrets(I need one in near/mint condition with no defects.) ITEM #287740
•#73 Nao Staccato Ver. - Body/Arms/Legs/Hands + Glasses ITEM #6719
•#141 Youmu Konpaku - Base/Stand + swords/arms to hold ITEM #52701
•#303 Snow Miku 2013 - Plate + body ITEM #107714
Please PM me if you have any of these! Thank you!
•Rin Shibuya My First Star Co-de - Faceplate + hair ITEM #321501
•#400 Kinomoto Sakura ITEM #136458 Wand + Kero-chan + Sealing Wand Pre-order Bonus
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