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    Dec 06, 2010

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Felt like uploading something~ Ah, it's been such a long time since I've made another comic =w=;; And this was in my head for such a long period too~ Lol, it's so random xD;;

This comic is for Planckie, SaRu, Dartlein and Zetsu, who I've been neglecting so much for my current heap of homework ><;; Buuhh, wish I had more free time... Love you all, though~ *Hugs them*

And haha, the sexyback part is an inside joke of me and my friends ^^;; Sorry if it seems out of place xD;;

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The hat suits slutty Akira.
Il y a 6 ans
Hahahaha, I loved it *-*!!! Akira will always be sexy, with or without hat...with or without clothes... lol.
Il y a 9 ans
SaRu image not found
Don't know why but that formula always works XDD

sexy guys + only a shirt on + military hats = ultimate sexiness
Il y a 9 ans
LOL Shiki is surely a lucky guy... he can have both (or better, 3!!!!) Akiras for him alone!
Can't wait to see stories with papa Akira, daddy Shiki and babe Naito! XDDDD
You can spam as much as you want with the plushes, we'll never have enough of these cuties! <3
Il y a 9 ans