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calvjcalvjIl y a 4 ans
bunny_ears lingerie kotobukiya thighhighs panties bra white_panties white_bra blue_hair blue_eyes muv-luv_alternative white_thighhighs âge yashiro_kasumi suzu_(atomic-bom) 4-leaves wrist_cuffs small_breast

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Great photo. The infinity wall of fur may be an unusual choice but it adds a nice sense of warmth to the photo. Used it as the primer for this week's #figurefridaychallenge topic: Open Challenge - goo.gl/5WDEvM
Il y a 4 ans
SonicRainBoomIl y a 4 ans#6013698lovely BnW shot! :)
Thank you :)
Il y a 4 ans
lovely BnW shot! :)
Il y a 4 ans