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    Jun 06, 2016

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Final set for Jeanne d'Arc, based from the Hundred Years War setting.

See full album: Holy Maiden of Orleans

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Great picture! Love the entire background setup! You deserve picture of the day! I really love this figure too! Just wish it was 1/7 scale instead of 1/8 scale. Hopefully Aniplex makes their own version at 1/7 to go along with the others in their Fate figure line!
Il y a 4 ans
Wooooow !!! Respect !!! :)
Vive la France !! ;)
Il y a 4 ans
The Saint lives! Viva la France!!

Absolutely magnificent!!!
Il y a 4 ans
Montjoie ! Saint Denis !
Que trépasse si je faiblis !

That's truly an epic diorama. The sky, the light, the cathedral, the ruins, the knights (and a few Stortroopers)... Everything in this set oozes awesome.
Il y a 4 ans
Shes SO EPIC! x3
Il y a 4 ans
This is epic!
Il y a 4 ans
Be not afraid glorious angel in the dark owns an armoured heart.
Il y a 4 ans
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