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zettai_ryouiki vocaloid twintails leek short_skirt nendoroid green_eyes hatsune_miku good_smile_company rain hmo full_action_nendoroid hatsune_miku_orchestra oda_tsuyoshi takano_meishi kuu


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    Mar 01, 2011

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Wasn't going to let a rainy day spoil my photo plans!

C&C appreciated!

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Aww, she looks like she's having so much fun! The lighting in this is great, makes me want some rain to go and take photos in haha
Il y a 9 ans
Jesas!! I want to go play with her :(
Il y a 9 ans
she looks alive :D
Il y a 9 ans
Whoah, so many o.O. Thanks a bunch guys! You guys are making me want to try more outdoor shots, but I've got to get over my fear of bringing figs outside first. I actually had to do 2 shoots for this pic since the first shoot was too rushed XP
Il y a 9 ans
medi more than a tsundere-fan ♥
very nice!
i'm impressed!
Il y a 9 ans
what a lovely shot <3
Il y a 9 ans
Nice shot!
This reminds me of 'Itsumo Yori Nakimushi na Sora' =)
Il y a 9 ans
Il y a 9 ans
Great shot! into my favs =)
Il y a 9 ans
adorable. Such a cute shot
Il y a 9 ans