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Legit/Bootleg comparision

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A well known bootleg factory recently released this. I saw it in the flesh at a con (unboxed) and it looked pretty accurate, so here is a comparision shot between the bootleg and the Phat version (on the right) while the pics colors differ a little, the bootleg version has a slightly darker skin tone.

The bootleg is above average, but not good enough to fool someone if you have both version side by side. The paint job is good, 90% accurate. I also think they had access to the original molds because the shape is also accurate, but there is a few telling mistakes on the bootie: The main one is the top of the hair, the place where both hair parts meet is pretty bad, and a telling sign on the bootie. The paint job is not sloopy, but closer to the one on an 8K figure than an 16K figure. Also, the colors on the bootie are slightly off, dimmer. The colors on the Phat version are better.

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