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Display Case: T Case in Basic black from Wave

Measurements: 348mm x 116mm x 156mm

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JenthehenIl y a 1 an#42256071Cool case! Thank you!
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hugtowerIl y a 1 an#42255912Obligatory omg where did you get that case???Thanks it kinda looks like a mini detolf lol! It's a T Case (DL) in basic black by the Wave. It also comes in a translucent blue. I purchased mine on Rakuten but I think you can find them easily on Amazon as well. I really like that it has a mirrored back so allow more like in so I don't really have to get LEDs for them :)

I found these are perfect for my Nendriod petite collections, hope this helps! There's different sizes to the Wave cases, the one I am using is 348mm x 116mm x 156mm.
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Jenthehen Otaku at Law
Cool case!
Il y a 1 an
Obligatory omg where did you get that case???
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