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    Apr 29, 2019

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love you 3000

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While this picture is awesome and a great tribute, I would've waited, at minimum, a week from the release. Not everyone is always lucky to get in opening weekend. I myself was barely lucky enough to get tickets to see it on Sunday and had been avoiding spoilers like crazy. If I hadn't of been able to get in on Sunday and seen this, I would've been extremely upset.
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Voir le spoilerCacher le spoilerGoing to throw in my two cents here, I just got back from seeing End Game (epic BTW!) and I actually saw this pic this morning, I really didn't take much notice tbh, it's a fantastic pic don't get me wrong and well deserving of POTD but I think to help avoid people considering it a spoiler I wouldn't have named it, the pic itself is superb in it's own right and would have easily garnered attention and by not having a name people would have just took it for what it is, the name however adds to that spoiler possibility. I'm also with a few other people here and think it would have been best had you waited until the hype of End Game had died down a bit to post what is a fitting tribute to the film but putting this up not even a week after release was a bit careless to some degree and I can see why some people are annoyed, as I have spent loads of time avoiding any possible spoilers myself and honestly this really is the last place you'd expect to find them, that being said again well done on a amazing pic and getting POTD! :D
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agentmozell nerd extraordinaire
As someone who hasn't seen Infinity War or Endgame (dat work life) I have to admit that I don't see how this is a "spoiler".

Anyway, I do love it! This photo is brilliant and congrats on being POTD! :D
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Throwing in my two cents: hindsight 20/20 but I’d have waited a month at least
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fortykoubuns Fujo Trash Receptacle
Hahahahha this seems like a pretty obvious spoiler regarding Endgame :/ The worst part is that now MFC front page is one big giant spoiler since users can't block out the "picture of the day". RIPPP
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Awesome pic <3
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sorry for all the comments about spoilers you're getting; i don't think it's your fault that mfc's spoiler tag doesn't work that well.

i just wanted to comment to let you know that this is a really sweet tribute and so well shot. i love the detail you've put into the background and everything else! it truly invokes the same feelings i had when i first saw this scene in the film. really good job!
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i have depression
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xShiroSakura Flagship
weebIl y a 1 an#58236070youre actually suggesting op delete their potd post with all those upvotes and favourites just because mfcs spoiler function sucks? (dont delete the post op)
I'm aware that it's an extreme suggestion and as I stated, it's up to OP if he would like to do it or not. Due to my own moral compass, I would personally do it.

I agree that the ideal solution is to improve the spoiler function, but that takes time.
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xShiroSakuraIl y a 1 an#58232922This might be a bit extreme, but I would encourage you to take this picture down and reupload it, this time with the spoiler tag. I really like the picture you've made, it's very nice, but it has gotten a lot of attention due to the lack of spoiler tag and ironically this has caused it to end up the best possible place to spoil for people who visit the site.
youre actually suggesting op delete their potd post with all those upvotes and favourites just because mfcs spoiler function sucks? (dont delete the post op)

silentwinter91Il y a 1 an#58232371Some countries haven’t been released yet.RIP what country is that?
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