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    Oct 10, 2009

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This is how I painstakingly stack my figures..

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eso si es una buena coleccion XD
Il y a 8 ans
Eagleam I do what I can!
Super Smash Bros.: Figure Fighting!

Very nice!
Il y a 10 ans
+1 for building figure mountain :P
Il y a 10 ans
Singer_Yuna All along the Watchtower ♪
It really catched my eye your way of displaying figures. Cute setting. Its a patient process, the figure settings xD Each time I had to display my nendo army I finish tired xD Last one included a couch which eated some nendo-arms xD

Your Alicia is so lovely...but I want your Elwing xD
Il y a 10 ans
cioudrunnerfiute Found Holy Grail & Quit
DakkuNice collection

Thanks. It's just the part I like the most. xD

I have so little room that I have to stack them like that.
Il y a 11 ans
Nice collection
Il y a 11 ans
Great Figures, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!

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