spade13thspade13thIl y a 11 ans
akatsuki macross_frontier sheryl_nome alpha_x_omega


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    Nov 07, 2009

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Sheryl Nome
Macross Frontier
1/8 scale pvc
Alpha x Omega

Figure owned by: ryanrocks

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Singer_Yuna All along the Watchtower ♪
The lower lighting effects rule!
Il y a 11 ans
I am speechless... great Sheryl pic!
Il y a 11 ans
I love Sheryl! Your photo is beautiful! ;)
Il y a 11 ans
Zetsubo-san I LOVE HUMANS!!! (or do I? XD)
Looks like a sexy policewoman rocking the nightscape! :D
Nice job, pare!
Il y a 11 ans
Shiddo 一匹狼
Very nice picture!
Il y a 11 ans
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