Singer_YunaSinger_YunaIl y a 11 ans

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Nendo headquarters 26/11/09

They've moved from detolf to the rest of nendo-display....so finally they're together at the end

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Ouch, the 1st level is really crowded, unlike the 2nd, the VIP level, they got chairs and sport cars there, so unfair :D
Il y a 10 ans
Singer_Yuna All along the Watchtower ♪
maslightWuah lotsa exclusive nendos @_@"""Thank you Mas light. I like so much the cheap wonderfes nendos. And one day, when I'd be millionarie...Ill get a Ryofuko nendo...the most lovely and 300$ of nendo xD
Il y a 11 ans
Wuah lotsa exclusive nendos @_@"""
Il y a 11 ans
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