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SearchmanDSSearchmanDSIl y a 8 ans
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I originally took this picture to be silly a few months back. However, since Tortie passed away this morning I felt this would be a nice memorial to her. Especially since most of my pictures of her are cell phone pictures.

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I'm sorry for your loss. My family lost one of our cats last month. i've still got mine though. Going on 15 years old.

Also, sweet godzilla figure XD
Il y a 8 ans
I am very sorry, it's so difficult lose a pet, they're part of our family.
Il y a 8 ans
My condolences. I am sure she felt blessed to have been with you.
Il y a 8 ans
Bloempje Hunting my grails
That is so sad .. :( I'm sorry for you.. I have a cat my own i would go grazy if she died, she is 2 years old now.
Il y a 8 ans
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