DancingQueenDancingQueenIl y a 12 ans
gun gray_hair braid wave smiling weapon school_swimsuit barefoot beach good_smile_company sea tanaka_touji teletha_testarossa full_metal_panic?_fumoffu


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    Jun 10, 2008
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    Jun 2008

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So lovely. : )
Il y a 10 ans
Il y a 10 ans
great pic!
Il y a 11 ans
Great picture! Lov it)
Il y a 11 ans
Il y a 12 ans
An original pose for anexcellent picture! And the light is perfect! One of my favorite ^.^
Il y a 12 ans
Love *fav*
Il y a 12 ans
SbebiWan PVC Addict
Lovely pic !! I just finished to watch FMP and now I want her :D
Il y a 12 ans