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EDIT: not enough room will add rest in comments ;D
Pokemon snivy plush
Pokemon meowth plush
Pokemon wobbefffet plush
Pokemon pikachu plush
Pokemon pikachu bag
Pokemon espeon pokedoll
Luna sailor moon plush red ver
America GE ver plush hetalia
America movic plush ver hetalia
1/6 hatsune miku electronic diva sega prize
1:1 talking posting sumomo doll
Ultimate madoka secret petit puella magi
Sayaka miki puella magi ver petit
Hiyori tamura petit lucky star
Hetalia Italy figure
Hetalia Germany figure
Hetalia china figure
Hetalia Japan figure
Hetalia America figure
Hetalia England figure
Hetalia France figure
Hetalia Russia figure
Hetalia Romano figure
Fluttershy brushable
Rarity brushable
Rainbow dash brushable
Sweetie bell brushable
Twilight sparkle brushable
MLP comic 2
Blind bag golden apple jack
Blind bag sapphire shores
Blind bag Mosley orange
Blind bag purple pony (forgot name)
Blind bag spitfire
Mlp DVD vol 1
Mlp DVD vol 3
Mlp DVD vol 4
Mlp DVD v

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OtakuEmin (Il y a 5 ans) #1645837You're collection is grate.
Thank you so much ^.^
Il y a 5 ans
You're collection is grate.
Il y a 5 ans
Paulichu (Il y a 5 ans) #1636277Oooh what Vanellope plush is that?
Hmmm... I believe it's the hunter leisure version ^.^ I was considering buying the one that Disney was selling from their website but decided on this version because I liked the eyes better c: thanks for your comment :D
Il y a 5 ans
Paulichu Sailor Senshi of Wisdom
Oooh what Vanellope plush is that?
Il y a 5 ans
Anen (Il y a 5 ans) #1634155wow tengo envidia
Thank you very much ^.^
Il y a 5 ans
wow tengo envidia
Il y a 5 ans
Mlp DVD vol 5
Mlp bag
Manga how to draw
Vampire knight vol 1
Vampire knight vol 2
Vampire knight vol 3
Alchino vol 1
Alchino vol 3
Fruits basket vol 1
Ouran vol 1
Snow drop vol 1
Snow drop vol 2
Death note vol 3
Pokemon quizz book
Pokemon ultimate guide
Chobits vol 1
Chobits vol 2
Chobits vol 3
Chobits vol 4 ( omnibus book)
Venus versus virus vol4
VVV vol 5
VVV vol 6
VVV vol 7
VVV vol 8
VVV vol 4( 2 omnibuses)
.hack vol 1 ledgend of the twilight
.hack ai buster
Haruhi light novel
Dears vol 1
Dears pins
Fruits basket DVD ep 1-6
Adventure time 12 episodes
Spirited away
Maho romantic ova DVD
Moyashimon full series
Pokemon videos
5 (2 copies)
2 ( 2 copies)
Hetalia DVD season 2
Hetalia DVD paint it white
Hetalia DVD season 3
Hetalia DVD season 4
Pokemon platinum (not pictures, in ds)
Pokemon heart gold
Pokemon white
Pokemon black 2
Pokemon ruby (not picture, in box next to heart gold)
Pokemon chaos black (fake)
Pokemon darkcry (fake)
Pokemon grip ball
Hetalia cards
Pokemon Bw2 book
Pokemon box season sets
Pokemon DVD seasons
12 part 1
11 part 1 and 2
10 part 1 and 2 bonus mystery dungeon
13 part 1
.hack ledgend of the twilight DVD
Pokemon towel
Ash fan made hat
Haruhi wall scroll
Pokemon Ds case with 3ds inside

Well I think this is it xD lots of items I couldn't get In picture because they blocked of my self xD lots of cosplay/bags/ clothes where in there
The reason why Japan and china are not with the rest is because their stands broke.
Also vanellope kinda sneaked into the picture. Didn't add any wreck it ralph stuff cas it wouldn't fit.

Any questions on where I got any of this don't hesitate to ask. I have a vague memory of where I brought all this stuff xD
Il y a 5 ans

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