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MononyanMononyanIl y a 6 ans
kotobukiya hobby_stock rubber_strap sakurai pic-lil! aijima_cecil kurosaki_ranmaru es_series_rubber_strap_collection uta_no☆prince-sama♪_-_maji_love_2000% nanase_haruka free! tachibana_makoto matsuoka_rin hazuki_nagisa ryuugazaki_rei iwatobi-chan uta_no☆prince-sama♪_-_maji_love_2000%_rubber_strap_collection pic-lil!_free!_trading_strap_2fr

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With how today ended up being...I was so happy to see 3 packages after work *v*

It's been a while since I bought a magazine, this reminded me why I love them so much (extras + pretty illustrations = win).

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