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  • This is such a cute banner :D
    Il y a 3 ans
    Woooow !!!! *_*
    Il y a 4 ans
    This reminds me of Nokia - Connecting people
    Il y a 5 ans
    At least it was less dirty than "hentai - connecting people" :D
    Il y a 6 ans
    This is pretty profound ^-^
    Il y a 7 ans
    Perfect banner, because it's indeed true ! :)
    Il y a 8 ans
    Love this!
    Il y a 8 ans
    eimhir kiel
    Awesome banner you got there
    Il y a 8 ans
    Fishcaek-Chan Super Waifu Fun time
    Very pretty~♥
    Il y a 8 ans
    Using this pic as my banner. Always. 8)
    Il y a 9 ans
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