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Date A Live - Yatogami Tooka - Nendoroid #354 (Good Smile Company)Date A Live - Yatogami Tooka - 1/8 (Phat Company)Date A Live - Yoshino - Yoshinon - Nendoroid #395 (Good Smile Company)Mononoke - Kusuriuri - ARTFX J - 1/8 (Kotobukiya)Overlord - Ainz Ooal Gown - Nendoroid #631 (Good Smile Company)Overlord - Albedo - Nendoroid #642 (Good Smile Company)Ookami to Koushinryou - Holo - Nendoroid #728 (Good Smile Company)Ookami to Koushinryou - Holo - 1/8 - Wedding Dress ver. (Myethos, Tokyo Otaku Mode)Overwatch - Tracer - Nendoroid #730 - Classic Skin Edition (Good Smile Company)Little Witch Academia - Atsuko Kagari - Nendoroid #747 (Good Smile Company)Overwatch - Tracer - Figma #352 (Good Smile Company, Max Factory)Overwatch - Genji - Figma #373 (Good Smile Company, Max Factory)Little Witch Academia - Sucy Manbavaran - Nendoroid #835 (Good Smile Company)Ookami to Koushinryou - Holo - 1/7 (Good Smile Company, Kadokawa)Overwatch - Hanzo - Nendoroid - Classic Skin Edition (Good Smile Company)Overwatch - D.Va - Nendoroid #847 - Classic Skin Edition (Good Smile Company)

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R_Kasahara ( =₃=)*
Thanks so much!

It is shocking how much this community has changed, and the comments on my post hammered that home. One particular person there comes across as selfish, lazy, and all-around entitled, and it's appalling that they find nothing wrong with that. It's almost enough to make you want to leave, but then I get the odd supportive comment like yours and it reminds me that this site hasn't become a totally hopeless cause. Users trashing other users for not adding items is bizarre, especially when anybody can add anything.

As for why it's happening, I have a few guesses: older members becoming less active, the site being much more popular these days, the more negative members influencing newer ones, etc. The site redesign, while well intentioned, seems to have only made things worse.

Thanks for your contributions, too! It is a lot of (often thankless) work, but the database is the reason why this site exists in the first place.
Il y a 1 jour
heyy!!! I apologize for the late reply as well! I hope you are feeling a lot better now ;_; I have been stressed about university too and it's funny because we're graduating in a month but our uni decided to have a strike xD. But that's cool too since I can reply now ^_^

Thank you for your advice <3 Yes I am studying to become a nurse! I believe your advice will honestly help me a lot more than you'd think :D I don't really believe that health care is the only field that is stressful. I think any work can be demanding for all of us OTL. Ohhh I envy your Doujin collections! May I ask where you usually purchase them or if they are all in Japanese? Thank you very much :O I am very interested in acquiring them one day! If they're not in English maybe I should try to learn Japanese someday so I can read them xD

Girl!! I'd love to see a room tour from you especially that you have so much SorMik collection *o* It must be heaven there! (I haven't checked mfc as for 1 month omg maybe you posted it, I'll check! Otherwise, I hope you do get the time to do it :D). And same hahaha! I'm glad we aren't alone in our passion of figure collecting/anime merch!

OHHH that Tales Festival sounds perfect! If you get the opportunity to experience it, I believe you should take that chance! Enjoy life and love your interest/passion for Tales series *o* Hopefully I will get to see or hear updates from you too! And maybe you can ask your boyfriend if he can tag along :D He might enjoy just seeing you happy or being with you in Japan too <3

AH THANK YOU FOR THE UPDATE. I want them but the Canadian dollar has dropped significantly in the past months ;_; Gotta budget more xD. Also I don't think you are stupid at all. IT LOOKS AMAZING AND I ALSO WANT IT. And if you feel stupid, then I'll be stupid with you but dayum I really think it's classy and epic as heck :D

I see you also have the Detective Conan nendoroids now on order and the Alter SorMik!!! PERFECT. I TOTALLY APPROVE OF THESE AND CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOUR COLLECTION WHEN THEY ARRIVE!!! And I haven't been up to anything lately! Life is going to be busy until I manage to pass my license in nursing orz. Going back to university is uncertain for now too but I gotta stay positive!

How are you? :)
Il y a 16 jours
bomhat because I'm batman
ohhh okay yeah that'd be pretty fun! haha yeah I know right it's just way too easy to spend money on merch especially with things like gatchas. Those things hurt me. Hahaha that's in interesting observation. From my experience, I actually see people more openly touting ita bags/charms/anime shirts here in vancouver than I did in japan. I have no idea how it is for Germany though. Is anime big in Germany? Are there large conventions too?

Haha yes, my start into the world of BL was of course doujin. I don't know anything about dramatical murder but I know it's got a huge fanbase so I'd be interested in playing it. Plus, yeah it's got figures! actual male figures! Very rare indeed. I recently made friends with this girl who is hard core into original BL like she knows all the artists and their respective magazine serializations it's crazy. So anyways she really likes the magazine opera so she's been recommending those works to me. I tend to go towards either the dark and angsty(also I love tragedy) or the over-the-top ridiculous gag comedies. and there's no in between
Il y a 17 jours
Kinkslinks The Ultimate Noiz Lover
Ahh thank you!! It's never too late to get into DMMd <3 it's something that will always be a part of my life. I wish you all the luck in getting your hands on all the merch!!
Il y a 20 jours
ja der Preisanstieg ist einfach hefig...
Danke aber AA ist für mich mittlerweile ein rotes Tuch, hauptsächlich wegen Zoll etc.

ja finde bei ihm können die sich ruhig am Preis von Edna orentieren ^^.

hmm wäre möglich aber ich gehe davon aus das Albedo diesmal wircklich im Mai erschent...
ja ich drück dir mal die daumen :).

krass 160? hatte damals 90 geblecht... aber ich weiss das die auf einen Schlag teurer wurde...

ja ist bei mir ähnlich wobei ich es eigentlich vermeiden will 200+ zu zahlen.. in dem Fall wrs aber ne Ausnahme...
lel dachtest du das wircklich? xD ne RE: Zero ist vor allem auch eins brutal und sadistisch ^^ gibt schon heftge Szenen.
sag mir auf jeden fall bescheid wenn du es dir angeschaut hast auch bei Kill la Kill^^

ja ich hoffs einfach mal.. man weiss halt auch nicht wie die Quali von Kadokawa so ist..

aso :) ist denn 120 ein guter Preis für ihn? Yorokonde hat ihn für den Preis auf LAger..

aso verstehe, ich bin immer immer froh wenn es mehr Figuren zu Games gibt statt zu Animes... und gerade bei JRPGS ^^,
und Persona 5 war schon ein verdammt gutes Game.

also ich habs durch, muss sagen hat mir gefallen, aber lebt verdammt viel von der Nostalgie, ich mein ich hab das damals mit 8-9 gezockt..

der Remastered Soundtrack ist teils ne Katastrophe aber zum Glück kann man jederzeit auf Orginal switchen, wenn du das Orginal aber nicht kennst würde ich das empfehlen wobei sogar Seiken Densestu 3 (Secret of Mana 2) sogar noch besser ist)

achja Shining Resoncance Refrain kommt im Westen. find ich echt nice endlich nen Titel aus der Reihe hier im Westen.. sogar mit Steelbook und ne Switch Version
Il y a 22 jours
bomhat because I'm batman
Oh wow that sounds like a lot of fun! I have been to tokyo twice and both times I've only stayed for about 2 weeks. Any longer than that and I'd go broke lol. Wow a year? So what's the plan would you two be wanting to get jobs there? I know a couple people teaching languages over there and apparently it's very easy to get the job. I wouldn't wanna do anything in customer service tho.
Oh yes I see from your profile that you're a huge fan of the tales series xD You should totally do it!
Meh you're not much older than me. Ahahaha I'm glad the buttons are going to good use :'D And oh my god I know what you mean I just wanted to buying everything EVERYWHERE it was so hard to keep the money in my wallet. The latter half of my trip I was surviving on 100 yen onigiri everyday rip. What kind of BL are you into now?
Il y a 23 jours
bomhat because I'm batman
Oh yes I think the hype is real for this series I'm definitely anticipating some merch and promotions. Sadly I won't be in japan either around that time but you're right a cafe would be great! Are you going for vacation? Do you attend events in japan??

omg you're a banana fish veteran. Your opinion value is high. I'm so glad you liked the PV :D And oh jeez quite recently actually. some time within the last year maybe. Perfect timing for this anime though I'm glad for that! Actually a MFC user introduced me to kaze to ki no uta and I fell deep into pioneer BL hell and made my way up to banana fish. They don't make 'em like they used to. Do you still read BL?
Il y a 24 jours
ja ich weiss das die eher für die Fangirls sind... aber den Yuri zb würde ich mir auch holen ITEM #27658 oder den Raven ITEM #110593 aber wenn ich die Preise sehe ist das schon hart wie günstig die damals waren.. yuri 6800...

beim Eizen hoffe ich mal auf nen standard realese... ja kann gerne später kommen..

also ich hab 2 1/4 von Freeing und die sind schon nice.. sind halt schon recht groß^^.

also ich mag sie so wie sie ist.. das da auch geheult wird hab ich garnicht gewusst... da ich extra die kommentare nicht gelesen habe...^^ aber stimme dir zu sie passt perfekt..

kommt bestimmt später, aber bei der GSC Albedo hast du doch noch Zeit.. die kommt doch erst im Mai? ^^ ich denke wenn es sie zum Realese zum Normalpreis gibt wir die schnell ausverkauft sein...

ja freu mich schon wenn ich bei der den Pre order button hauen kann... zum Glück ist Wing nicht ganz so überteuert.. rechne mit 9-10K

ja gut wäre dann mir den Preis auch nicht wert.. aber ich weiss was du meinst.. meine teuerste war biser 240€... normaleweise sind mir die diese high level figuren auch viel zu teuer.. aber bei den GR würde ich echt ne Aussnahme machen ausser sie kosten natürlich 1000 jeweils dann würde ich doch nochmal überlegen.

echt wie kommts? der Anime zu Re-Zero ist eigentlich doch echt geil.. und auch eher so Dark Fantasy so wie Overlord..
aber ja das wird echt immer lächerlich vor allem kostet die bei NY nur 8850 was gibts da noch zu beschweren??... bei der makoto war ich grad zufällig drauf und da gehts ja immernoch ab.. lel..

unbedingt anschauen.. hoffe du kennst Gurren Lagann .. KLK wurde sehr davon beinflusst.. crazy shit ^^..
und ja da ich ja schon 2 Muramsa mädels habe passen die perfekt dazu...

die Cat-Kurumi bekommt ja noch die passende Tohka.. hoffentlich bekomm ich die noch zu realese. dann würde ich die auch ordern...
ebenso hab ich die Pulchra auch noch im Blick vllt beiss ich da in den Apfel auch wenn die nicht so den guten Ruf haben.

hab endlich meine Ann bekommt nur ein Wort: Perfection... imgur.com/a/AqS... schade das du deine abestellt hast....

hast du den Joker eigentlich schon verkauft? bin hart am überlegen mir den zu holen
Il y a 24 jours
bomhat because I'm batman
I'm so glad you think so!! The only person I've spoken to about it besides you is the one I mentioned before and her negativity was bringing me down but YEAH I think it looks great! I'm super excited for it :DD It airs in July! When abouts did you read the manga??
Il y a 25 jours
bomhat because I'm batman
Omg I did!!! What do you think?? Personally I’m really happy with how it looks. Like it’s set in modern times so they’re going to have to change a lot about how the story unravels but I’m just super glad they didn’t completely revamp the style like whatever's going on with legend of the galactic heroes dear god... but yeah the production values look high and the teaser music was good! My friend who’s also into banana fish was livid about how they changed the character designs. I’m just happy they didn’t change them more. Plus it’s 2 cours! That’s so rare nowadays. I’m super excited about it :DD
Il y a 26 jours
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