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Hi there~
The name's Aldena, I'm just your average free-time collector ^u^
Have a nice day!



AldenaIl y a 4 ans#5263158Belated happy birthday~!!! Hope you had a wonderful time c:
haha thanks! :D It's not belated at all! it's today and like 9 am here. :D
Il y a 4 ans
AldenaIl y a 5 ans#3577961Ahh, I heard Australia has it easy with Amiibos, maybe because you're kind close to Japan? I just collect the ones I like, and I really want some of the upcoming animal crossing amiibo hehe
Man that's a interesting comparison haha xD I think I'll start watching it the coming weekend since I have time then anyhow. And the art is what's most interesting to me, very fancy yes yes~

Yeah! There were a few cases where the earlier released ones jacked up in price but since they've been re-released, the prices stabilised and now all characters are easily accessible! Same, I have my mains in SSB xD Oh they're really cute, I'd like an Isabelle one. Animal Crossing is my weakness, I even preordered the latest game and its 3ds XL the day it was announced, lol.

Ahhh hopefully you'll like it! The vocaloid series its based off is simply the best, and its in the style of the artist who designed the characters! She also did the art for Tokyo Teddy Bear and World Domination -How To-. It's a sombre kind of style imo.
Il y a 5 ans
AldenaIl y a 5 ans#3540880I admit to going a little crazy with the amiibo's, I just enjoyed hunting them a little too much, but it's honestly too easy in NL so I've been holding back a lot again. I'm not sure what the upcoming games are actually o:
I've heard it's confusing yes, though I'm still pretty interested! I just like the character designs a whole lot ;u;

Ah it's not much of a hunt here either in Australia, literally every amiibo is in stock here. Oh do you just collect amiibos then? I'm waiting for like 5 games next year on my 3ds alone x)
Ahhh then you'll be expecting confusing xD They're like Japanese x-men in hoodies lol, I love their designs, they were by an artist I really like haha.
Il y a 5 ans
AldenaIl y a 5 ans#3480765Those make up most of my current collection yea hahã! We share a common interest in some series too it seems c: Well, except that I have yet to watch Kagepro, I want watch it tho! ;u;

Yeah! You also have a lot of stuff from many different series, especially Nintendo games, that's a pretty neat Amiibo collection you have going there! Really excited for all their games coming out next year > u <

Ahhh Kagepro... The music is really good so I'd recommend it! The anime is really confusing for first timers though haha. The whole series is pretty confusing tbh but once you get the hang of it its really good!
Il y a 5 ans
Hihi!! Thank you for the friend request! I see we share the same interests: Nendoroids and keychains!
Il y a 5 ans
AldenaIl y a 5 ans#3438184Aww, thank you so much~!! <3 Your collection looks really neat too~ ouo Thank you :3
Il y a 5 ans
You have a lovely collection :D!
Il y a 5 ans
AldenaIl y a 5 ans#3161678Ah, yess Imanotsurugi is my absolute favorite, I even already cosplayed him! Here's a picture: i.imgur.com/ZDp...
Those are really good fav coices too though!! I'm super curious how Shoku nendoroid will turn out *-* And I rally hope they make a Gokotai too, I do think he's popular enough for it at least!
Sorry for the terribly late reply! orz
Your cosplay looks wonderful!! I'm so jealous of people who can cosplay ;A;
IKR?! Gokotai nendo with his 5 tigers would be so adorable!!! <3
Il y a 5 ans
AldenaIl y a 5 ans#3149260That's really cool though!! I do my bet to get everything I can from Imanotsurugi but I can't imagine the effort it would cost to get literally everything!
Oh you like Imanotsurugi too?! Me too! Haha yeah it would burn our pockets ^^; I'm trying to cut down on Imanotsurugi goods since my favs (Shokudaikiri, Tsurumaru and Gokotai) already take up way too much of my money ><
Il y a 5 ans
AldenaIl y a 5 ans#3121855Bless your amount of Tourabu merch, lovely collection <3Thank you! I try my best to collect as much as possible but there's just too much and too much competition ^^;
Il y a 5 ans
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