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My name is Angela (Angie) and I've been collecting since 2001. It all began with the little things like Pokemon cards and other Pokemon goods and gradually obsession took a hold and I've been hooked ever since! I'm always flat broke and have no chill when it comes to sticking to my monthly budget.

Right now I am stuck in anything Aomine and Kagami from "Kuroko no Basket" hell! I don't see this changing anytime soon either as my love for the kurobas guys has yet to dwindle!

This page is a work in progress as I have so much anime merch that are not even listed on here yet!

I also have a tumblr merch blog @anjistuff that myself and my sister co-own~ my merch sales can be found there too.

I'm currently only collecting figures from the series: Kuroko no Basket, Natsume Yuujinchou, Yuri!!! on Ice, and Free!

I also love collecting clear files, chibi goods & plushies

Profile last updated: July 2018
Kuroko no Basket, Ao no Exorcist, Tiger & Bunny, Natsume Yuujinchou, Cowboy Bebop, Yuri!!! on Ice, Prince of Stride, Bungou Stray Dogs
Tales of Zestiria, Resident Evil series, Bioshock series, Fallout series, Dragonvale, Plants Vs Zombies
Jmusic, Alternative, New Age, Rock, Dance
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Canon IXUS 275
Asus ROG


ur welcome~ i love ur aokaga collection(∩˃o˂∩)♡
Il y a 2 mois
Thank you for the birthday wishes!! :)
Il y a 11 mois
Thank you for the feedback! Have been keeping them in the original packaging and didn't even open them up since the movie screening... but... they have to make way due to yuri on ice merch... XD

So keeping only Kuroko... XD And didn't even want to use him! DX

PS: Just realized I followed your anjizu and not anjistuff blog ^^"
Il y a 1 an
Anjichan (Il y a 1 an) #21378412No problem! XD No, I don't think we have. Thank you so much for liking my edits ^.^ and my collection~ as you can see my bias towards knb lmao *hugs*

oh yeah, i can definitely see it :D i love that you have so many kagamis and aomines *-*
Il y a 1 an
Anjichan (Il y a 1 an) #21377146Thank you for the FR! <333

Thanks a lot for accepting ^-^ I don't think we've talked before, but I see you on tumblr pretty frequently, and I really like your edits! And your collection is damn impressive :o
Il y a 1 an
Hey, it's John from tumblr (burgergami)! I'm gonna add you here!
Il y a 3 ans
Anjichan (Il y a 3 ans) #3436794Thank you for the FR! :)
Thank you so much for accepting!! :)
Il y a 3 ans
Leosach Born this way
hummm... Another Kagami collector LOL lets keep our enemies close! Lmao! lovely collection ;)
Il y a 3 ans
I'm sorry for late reply. ^^;;
But your friend request is accept. ^^
Il y a 3 ans
Nice collection! xD
Il y a 3 ans
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