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KittyTsukasaIl y a 4 ans#30894321Your inbox is full! x3

Thank you for telling me. I cleaned it up.
Il y a 4 ans
Your inbox is full! x3
Il y a 4 ans
spamming totally, but can you post club/1720/discu... here and let me know your preferences, it's just for my lame ass memory....... so I can go to that page and know what people want... hahaha. thanks XD
Il y a 4 ans
puahaha, man... it's been a long time. XD just to let you know... I haven't forgotten (yet) about the KHR stuff... I'm waiting for the 10th anniversary badges to come in the mail!! Then I think I have most of what I need to send you - cuz I didn't order anything for you in the FromJapan proxy order I placed back in November, right?? =x
Il y a 4 ans
Il y a 4 ans
Welcome to the board Cherri! :)

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