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Ummm, hello

I'm not really sure where to begin, but I guess I'll start off by saying I'm fairly shy. I open up after getting to know others more and then... well I guess I'm maybe not so shy after that.

I grew up with Pokemon but that's about all the anime exposure I had for awhile until middle school, where I met someone who changed everything. They introduced me to Naruto, Death Note, and eventually a lot of other series, video games, and music. For awhile I almost exclusively stayed in the shonen genre, but eventually picked up Fruits Basket and Ouran High School Host Club after some of my friends badgered me for years to read them. I'm really glad they did because I loved them and I started exploring the shojo genre more. These days there are a lot of things I like across a lot of different genres.

I started collecting things like Pokemon cards when I was younger, but collecting figures is relatively new for me. Luckily, by chance I met someone pretty incredible and terribly nice who had an amazing collection themselves. They've been helping me out a lot since then, teaching me the ways of figure collecting.

My figure collection started off with one figure that was one of my favorite characters who I had found inspiring. I told myself they would be the only figure I would get... but the thing is there's more than one character I really like that I find inspiring so all of a sudden I had 4 or 5 figures. The theme started to shift to mainly strong female characters but all of a sudden there's 30 or so figures in my collection and the theme has moved beyond that. Looking at them on my profile they do seem a bit random, but I really do have reasons for getting each one... including the toilet. I like to keep that one on my desk, and when I'm having a bad day I open the door and it makes me laugh. It reminds me to not always take life so seriously, to laugh because it's good for the soul, and that things aren't really as bad as they may seem.

I'm looking forward to being a part of this community and meeting new people ~<(^_^<)


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We want some figure pictures, go on now (>'o')> シ
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Very nice description ★~(◡ω◕✿)

Btw, you're popular : Chiharu's inbox is full. v(ಥ ̯ ಥ)v
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Hi!! Your inbox is full :)
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Buy Anime figurines and japanese popculture collectibles at figuya.com

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