Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!


«Hatsune Miku and IA are my queens~»
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Vocaloids is my life: I adore all vocaloids but mostly IA and Hatsune Miku.

Then any cute characters, regardless of series.
Mostly anime: Erased, Magus Bride, Future Diary, Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash, Made in Abyss, World Trigger, SAO, DxD, Konosuba, Demon Slayer, Goblin Slayer, To Love-Ru, Date-a-Live, Kill la Kill, Asterisk War, Black Clover, Azur Lane....
The Expanse, Skyward, War of Broken Mirrors, Six Sacred Swords, Zero no Tsukaima, Konosuba, Sword Art Online
Star Ocean, Tales of series, Half-Life, Alpha Centuari, The Last of Us, Uncharted series.
MOE Point.s
Vocaloids, frilly dresses, really extravagant outfits, animal ears, bunny girls, long stockings, really colorful and vibrant figures.
Vocaloids, Utaite, and J-Music. Some English songs too~



I didn't even know I had it deactivated, thanks for telling me :^)

Yes and I really dig it! They could probably make one wearing some Madmax-styled gear and I would fall for her*.*
Il y a 6 jours
Hi there~
Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog/diary entry! Another Miku lover, so nice~!
Il y a 6 jours
Thank you man! :)
Il y a 10 jours
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Yeah im doing fine now no worries! :)
Thank you an yes xmas and new years day were both fun :) this year i only was with my bf on new years day and we took a stroll to watch all the fireworks :) was rlly nice.
Xmas well ofc with both families ^^ one day with mine and other day with my bfs family.
Hope yours were great too?
I also got nice presents as my bf and I exchanged some :)
Got the witcher book part 1, a dutch pancakes pan (very tiny pancakes its rlly good)and an orgonite pyramid (as i love that stuff, anything with crystals)
Rest we didnt rlly do gifts we just ate together :) not as big as in other countries hah :)

Aww ok thats very sweet of you, too bad it wasnt there but i appreciate you looking out for me!
As long as she stays within my budget im cool with it. (My budget for her is approx 85 euros total at most, thats what i paid for the one i sold)

Hmm now you got me curious about the crab and yeah i guess im more open to stuff xad so i wasnt too challenged as i enjoy squid a lot tho never has it dried. But i used to order that squid with sauce already with them which i was addicted to haha

Ohh so it has a different name? Hmm... good to know thanks! Yeah will surely enjoy it tho lately ive been more of a casual watcher so im slow with things haha

Well i wouldve understood if they kept her at least sad a bit longer and then try to find love again.. it felt a bit too soon. Now it was like ok i promised so guess i just move on. Instead of it still being a process.
Yeah i loved tabithas arc and it also made me appreciate kirche cause of it, she has always supported her after all.

Yeah i can understand it, but they also should look past it and the reasonings and backstory to it. Thats why i didnt mind it at all.

Yeah not many of the newer ones appeal to me either :( and theyre getting more rare or if theyre there, its stereotype like it feels a bit of a remake of already existing ones..

Yeah im a rare breed i guess XD haha tho i got 2 online friends here who are also big fans of louise :) voltage and blackthunder.
Im not much of a reader either but when im super into it thanks to either an anime or movie, i will read the original source :) and so I did. Tho still need to read the final 2 volumes but guess i will reread everything then xD

Yeah i keep track of mandarake as well.. and surugaya and yahoo jp. Just in case they pop up but i guess its too early for ppl to part with the stuff :p

Hmm the game, books or the netflix serie? Cause theres a lot of witcher nowadays so guess i give answer to all? XD

Netflix so far pretty much covered book 1, or well thr most important parts i think they did a great job there and am looking forward to next seasons :) (downside is goodies getting popular now, was just in time for the nendos and comic omnibus set as they got raised in price) you will only be bothered by triss merigold casting and frangila if youve played the games or reas the books as theyre not rlly well.. black >< cant say it better. But as actors, theyre good :) so yeah overall netflix adaption is good.

As for the game, im a casual gamer but daaamn this game made me play a lot and not casual XD its awesome and can recommend it. Tho witcher 1 is very old and will feel crappy but witcher 2 is still good to play and witcher 3 is where the fame started as its rlly a masterpiece :) the game however cant be compared to the books as for example triss has a minor role in the book but plays a bigger role in game. And story is different :) but definitly fun to play! Replay value too as you can get several ends and even side quests you can get lots of different outcomes! Some side quests are important to the etory, you will find out yourself after one playthrough ;)

As for the books, well i recently started and only finished 1 book now so im no expert there but so far its great :) so if you enkoy reading, definitly pick it up.
Theres also the comic adaption, i will be picking that up next week :) its done by darkhorse (publisher) so i expect it to be more true to the game rather than the books.
As they made figurines that follow the game looks as well ^^

Hope that helps!

And thanks yeah my bday is on the 10th of december
Il y a 13 jours
Thanks for accepting my friend request. :)
Il y a 16 jours
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Sorry for very late reply. Haven't been in a good mood lately.

True and can always do re takes once I get her again that is. Still hunting her...

I sure hope so and boo kuudere Louise would be weird xD she would be Tabitha basically and lose her temperamental personality.

Hmm sounds a bit like bustier Louise her box, if so that's Hella cheap!!
But could be another one, did you go back to check?

Well the loot had a lot of squid. I like squid but I felt underwhelmed, wasn't a challenge to me.
Still, didn't regret trying it tho.

Yeah there are but haven't looked yet..

Yeah I recall it being dark and sad too.. Should re-watch it someday or play the VN as I think it had one?

I'm not sure if I watched Sola, on the ptw list it is!

Hmm well yeah I loved it but it was a bit fabricated and made up some parts were rushed too.. So I get that most ppl didn't like it. I loved it for Louise her development mainly. She became strong and showed lots of dere.

True Tabitha arc was the highlight of S3 plus the dancing event. Rest was well.. Nice but it ruined louises development and yes I started hating Henrietta in S3 and 4 as she's a biatch rlly and I think she got over her love too soon it felt more like she was just feeling lonely and tried to fill the gap with Saito. Not true love.
She could've just cleared things up but no she had to cause a misunderstanding.
Was referring to Tabitha there but yeah siësta was cheering too

And indeed siësta>>>Henrietta.

Yeah exactly she's cute and innocent I liked that and she didn't intend to steal Saito rlly.

Yeah most only watched the anime so base it of that and even then don't look at what's behind the whipping.. I see it on the forums too below kissanime and such. Tho my pro Louise comments get thumbs up too so yeah there's love too.
I usually suggest them to read it but most don't and I leave em be. Their loss

Yeah me too probably will do so after I finished the witcher :)

Yeah I sadly didn't know where or how to buy it as it was not ordering online but physical shop. I just hope some stuff will pop up on yahoo jp or surugaya. I'm still hunting the Xmas shirt of Louise, so cute. I do have the tapestry tho.

Yeah nice picks for me it's the Keychain, tapestry of Louise X tiffa in Saito school outfits and the shirt. But yeah so many wants
Il y a 18 jours
Hey thanks! You too!
Il y a 29 jours
thanks cloud! i was actually thinking of making an ask MFC where i kind of asked the question about rem today and about waifus, and your comment is giving me the push to do it >:)

i like the show a lot, and i like Rem also, but i kinda thought it was weird that she got all of the character development and barely any was given to the other girls. i was surprised then when Voir le spoilerCacher le spoilersubaru declines her after her speech, because i feel like very little character development was given to anyone else lol. if there is a manga i wonder if the anime followed the manga closely.
Il y a 2 mois
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
True was one of my very first reviews haha so not the best quality compared to now but still :)

Indeed it has always bothered me that she looked more like a kuudere than a tsundere so i sold her but yeah i regret it...

Could be? Was she expensive?

Oh thanks and doesnt look tasty indeed xD but i havent seen it on candysan then again they include some snacks that is not on their site through the packs.

Fried seaweed is indeed tasty :D

Oh i think we have those in asian supermarket!

Ef was a really great show as well!
And indeed thats mayumi hehe i loved her :) like the girls got oogled for boobs and she wanted to be oogled at too xD

Actually i loved S4 the most but thats mainly cause louise had many great cute moments there, plot wise yeah... rushed indeed. S3 was tabithas time to shine plus the dancer scene was nice but aside from that indeed not great sadly tho i still rated it an 8 or so as i wasnt bored and enjoyed it :) as for siesta i liked her in S1 after that, not so much.. she was too pushy. I liked tabitha in S4 who was upfront about it towards louise saying if you do this again he is mine. Henrietta was sneaky i hated her after S2 :/ or more diskike the hate started in S4 where she knew her best friend loves saito but she still tried to meddle..
tiffa is innocent and cute rlly..

Yeah exactly so many hate on louise while shes sooooo cute in the light novel :) tho in the anime i still loved her but some things make less sense in the anime whereas in the LN it makes more sense.

Ohh good news guess i reread from approx vol 10 to get into the story again :)

And there have been limited anniversary goods announced for ZnT :) ! Made a blog with the link in it so check it out
Il y a 2 mois
Chloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Chara Ani Louise. Sold her a long time ago and biggest regret ever even if she isn't the best Louise out there..

Yeah wonder what weird tastes they will provide me,good for a blog since I dunno what is in it.
I like the squid with sauce its the dried one yes. I don't think I've had their fried squid or was it that big stick?
Link it pls hehe
But every box is different right? So maybe I get different items.
Awww thanks :)

Haha yeah I know Louise since 2009 I think so 10 years already time sure flies!
She was my crush since then.
Before that I was interested in mayumi thyme from shuffle eventho she was a side character but her quotes were strong and she is so cheerful and cute.
Well Shana never got me either I liked her in S1 but not long after I lost interest in her and she lost her spot in my top 10 favs.
Yeah light novel is better glad to hear someone read it cause S3 was horrible for the development of Louise..

Yeah but not sure if they're translated yet hmm..
Some weren't back then around vol 16 I think
Il y a 3 mois
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Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!

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