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Welcome to my profile.

I see a lot of cool people having these neat ''about me'' pages, so that was reason for me not to write one at first. Though I realized that uncool people take that as a motivation to start writing one, and I guess this is the product of that.

Without further ado, I'll write the obligatory ''why I got into figure collecting''.

So basically it kinda started with me checking out lots of figurines, the ones I vividly remember are the Saber Alter Bike figurine, Sengoku Nadeko Medusa version and the Tanya Degurechaff by Pulchra. Then after I got a part time job I decided to buy 2 prize figurines. That was kind of the catalyst, finally a bit later I decided I would build a collection from the ground up. My philosophy being: Don't go over your budget, sell old figurines for new ones to keep the collection fresh.

So far that's been going well, except for a few spending mistakes at the start. (Never ship a prize figurine or nendoroid alone when you have to pay tax AND administration costs!!!)

I'll just list a few shows I'm very interested in and call it a day then I guess. Just to name a few:
1. Youjo Senki
2. Maoujou de Oyasumi
3. Fate/ Zero
4. Code Geass
5. Konosuba
6. Monogatari
7. Honzuki no Gekokujou
8. Re: Zero
9. The Promised Neverland
10. Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu ka?

Genre wise, I basically like anything with an interesting story or good world building and humour. This is by no means a top 10, just the first few shows that I could think of.

Then finally, if you're interested in any of my figurines or think I might want to buy one from you then feel free to hit me up with a DM! Always open for friend requests too (also the only way to see my collection... which is NOT updated at all lol).

Hope you enjoyed reading that little text, maybe one day I can be cool too.

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The one I'm typing this on now?


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